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Is a 413 Dodge engine out of a 73 motorhome worth putting into a car for peformance? Answer. Wiki User January 23, 2010 2:17AM. One of the motorhomes used by the On The Road crew was a Travco. The book, Mobile Mansions by Douglas Keister (March, 2006) has an informative section on the Frank Motor Home, Dodge, and the Travco. In 2006, BrinkMedia restored 2 1968 Travcos to become The Brinkmobiles. They tour the currently to promote BRINK activities.
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Used Complete top end for mopar big block motorhome engine. for sale in Apple Creek - Complete top end for mopar big block motorhome engine. posted by T Ross in Apple Creek. Complete top end from a 78 413 motorhome engine. 38,000 miles. I also have the exhaust manifolds that go with the heads that are in great shape. $225.00 Thanks! - letgo
Engine Information for '61-'71 Dodge Trucks Engine Resources These resources are pages on this site that include specific information about the topics of a LA-318 Engine Rebuild , Tuning Tips , Engine Swaps , Early Hemi Engines and Exhaust System Recommendations .

Dodge 413 motorhome engine

Engine Spec. & Comparison Chart.. This specification and comparison chart features gasoline engines that are suitable for Flxible Clipper and Visicoach installations.When choosing an engine pay particular attention to the horsepower and torque vs the RPM . Higher torque at a lower rpm is the ideal.The following is a list of phone numbers for different chassis manufacturers for you to find chassis help:

Buy Edelbrock 1723 at JEGS: Edelbrock Performer RPM Mechanical Fuel Pump for Big Block Chrysler 383-440, Polished Finish. Guaranteed lowest price!The 413 truck engines are a very different engine than the 413 passenger car engine, starting with the truck having timing gears instead of timing chain, which means the cam rotates the opposite direction, which means the distributer also rotates backward to car engines since it drives from the camshaft, which means the oil pump which feeds off ...

Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Dodge Charger SE 440 V-8 4-bbl. TorqueFlite in 1973 the model with 2-door hardtop coupe body and V-8 7206 cm3 / 439.7 cui engine size, 209 kW / 284 PS / 280 hp (SAE net) of power, 508 Nm / 375 lb-ft of torque, 3-speed automatic powertrain offered since September 1972 for North America ...Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Electrical Diagrams. Click here for more help with electrical issues and alternator upgrades. Dave Wordinger wrote: This is an engine compartment wiring diagram for a 1969 Valiant. B bodies had a horn relay rather than the horn button activating the horn directly. Other than that, they were very similar.

413 RV engine swap. ... I just put a 413 rv motor into a 68 dodge coronet. The heads for the rv block are junk and have a water passage for the intake. the high performance big blocks did not use this design. all big block heads are the same demensions I went with stage 2 383 heads. It is the block that is different.I had a 413 from a motorhome with the same huge water pump as you are describing. Instead of a timing chain, it was direct gear to gear, no idlers or cheater gears. ... I have factory specs on all gas engine Dodge trucks from 1951-1977. The CR is 7.5 to 1, these things will run on the worst gas you can find ... the first 413 car engines had ...

I purchased a 1972 413 from a 1973 motorhome, it has had very little use, and extremely clean internally. I am curious as to what the compression ratio might be, any ideas would be helpful, it has a pretty good dish in the top of the piston.

Jan 23, 2010 · If the 413 cylinder heads are the normal automotive head and not the exclusive Motor Home head, the engine can be use for a performance upgrade from a 318 small block mopar in its stock state.... How To Identify Your Imperial Engine . ... The 361, 383 and the 400 cubic inch engines are known as "B" engines. The 413, 426 wedge and the 440 cubic inch engines are known as "RB" engines (raised block) ... I have only seen this once before on a 440 engine that came out of a Dodge police car. Reply from Rodger: The Maltese cross means you have ...Later versions had the legendary Chrysler RB 413 V8, which is remembered more fondly. It made quite a difference, with its big increase in power. The 440, the final development of that tough engine, powered Travcos in the seventies and eighties. The Dodge/Travco was a pricey machine, and was not affordable to typical middle-class Americans.Its time in the limelight was short, but the Max Wedge 413 was the engine that put Mopar in the big leagues of muscle cars.Indeed, the 1962 Dodge Dart 413 was a muscle car that was every bit as good as those being produced by GM and Ford. Muscle Car Image GalleryRefurbished 1978 Kings Highway Motorhome 440 Dodge Gas Engine Under 75K: Miles (Motorhome sleeps 6.) Money and repairs put into it ~ Brand New Toyo Tires (7 including spare $2K+) New Control Module, Coil, Tune UP, Oil, etc, Good Running Engine, upgrades & replacements, completely ready for travel. $2,600.Fault Codes list for Cummins QSB, QSC, QSL9, QSM11, QSX15, QSK19, QSK23, QST30, QSK45, QSK60, QSK78 Engine, fault codes PDFI make it a point to get the parts for the mopar big block in my motorhome from places who know the difference between the engines in passenger cars, and those in trucks. (mine is a 413-1, while the cars used 413's with no dash number. Different parts.) The places that provide parts to fleets and delivery trucks.I can't say much about the motorhome chassis, but I has a 440 in a 1977 Power Wagon. It survived my teenager driving habbits at the time. Due in part to their deep skirt design, the Chrysler RB engines (which includes the legendary 426 Hemi)are well known for power and durability.The 2806301 intake was used on all 383 4 barrel engines from 1968 through 1969, on both standard and high performance models. It is the "B" engine version of the above 2806178 intake. Because of the years and engine this intake was used on, it is considered one of the best "muscle car" intakes.

" 72 motor home short block, low usage, bore is as new 4.180 . the go to block to build 426+ motor. have been rumored to be under bored 440, steel crank. you could use for max wedge 413 , the bore is near perfect. i use 1 in my 9 second drag car bore is 4.285 no problems. very thick cly. walls. cylinders and deck covered with grease. "

MOPAR Cars and Parts for Sale or Trade. 895 results. ... For Sale Is A V8 440 Dodge 375 HP With 64,381 Miles. Engine Is Sitting In A 1973 Superior Motorhome. Would Make A Great Engine For Your Race Car.... Posted 3 weeks ago. $1,500. Baker City, , OR ...

Big-Block Mopar Engines (How to Rebuild) [Don Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Chrysler introduced the 350 and 361 "B" series of engines in 1958, they launched a legacy of performance that sparked the muscle car war of the sixties and early seventies. Within a few yearsBoth models included a Dodge V-8, 413-cubic-inch engine that produced 265 horsepower. Other standard features included three-speed automatic transmission, a positive crankcase ventilation system, dual 70-amp batteries, power steering and power brakes.

1973 Cabana Motorhome, 28ft We bought this baby in June this year, from a family that owned it since their grandparents bought it brand new. It has been cared for and loved by three generations, and i | Vehicles-Classifieds.comAug 10, 2009 · they didn't make a 413 engine in 74 ,that one was done away with in the early 60,s.even on the industrial engines they all went to other sizes,and the head off the 400 wont exchange with those at all they have different bolt pattern as well as use different gaskets,the industrial 413 was a good engine though, i know guy who owns one,and for what it is it runs exceptionally well,good luck.

Mar 14, 2016 · I am new to the forum and wanted to get some advise. I am in the process of buying a 1976 440 motorhome engine from a guy i work with for $400 for my 1972 dodge charger. I'm supposed to look at it this thursday and as long as it isn't a boat anchor i'm probably going to buy it. Odometer on the motorhome said 45000 miles when they took the ...

an engine. The maximum timing is the most critical from a performance standpoint. An engine needs less timing (fewer degrees of advance) at low RPM and more at increased RPM. The increase in BTDC degrees occurs over a smooth line as engine RPM increases. The line may be linear or exponential depending on the type of equipment added to control ...The Mopar 440 engine was a high-performance power plant produced for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth automobiles. Introduced in 1966, the Mopar 440 achieved success on the street and the race track. Mopar (Chrysler's automobile parts and engineering division) steadily modified and adjusted the engine over its ...

Travco's use of the Dodge Motor Home chassis established Dodge chassis as the most popular make of motorhome chassis for twenty years. The original Dodge Motorhome Chassis used for the Travco, and many other makes, was powered by the Chrysler 318 "Polysphere" engine. Many heavy duty refinements were made to this outstanding small engine to ...Find complete specs. Manufactures brochures and info for Class A RVs from 2008 to present. Search for new and used Class A Motorhomes for sale.

Trenton Engine, at the time, had a line for the B engine and one for the RB; the B line was busy pushing out 383s and 361s, while the RB line was underused, producing just the 413. Chrysler engineers created a 383 engine out of the RB 413 block, with a narrower bore — so there was a large-bore, short-stroke Dodge 383 and a small-bore, long ...1972 Dodge vehicle identification numbers (vin) decoder reveals the vehicles series, model, plant, and production.

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